Sunday, August 5, 2012

Church today -- 8/5/12

Sacrament meeting

 When asked what he'd do if he attended a boring sacrament meeting, President Spencer W. Kimball replied," I don't know.  I've never been in one."

President Kimball
Today in church, sacrament meeting was anything but boring with a baby blessing, testimonies from a visitor from Arizona and several ward members.  And then there was the singing.

All in all, wonderful.





Elders Quorum 


  • Ward temple night-- 7pm 8/8 Wednesday--Laie Hawaii Temple
  • Stake General Priesthood meeting -- 7pm on 8/26 Sunday--Keolu Chapel
  • Baptisms for the Dead -- 6 a.m. on 9/8 Saturday--Laie Hawaii Temple
  • Adopt-A-Highway service project  8 a.m. 9/15 Saturday

    Business Meeting 

  • Proclaim the Gospel proposals: (a) Relief Society vs Priesthood proclaim the gospel challenge.  (b) 30-day missionary challenge fast
  • Redeem the Dead proposals: TBA
  • Perfect the Saints proposals: TBA

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