Sunday, August 19, 2012

Chruch today -- 8/19/12

Sacrament Meeting:

Youth speakers:  Nalani Stanley and Logan Santiago.

Adult speakers:

Brother Miles Jung spoke about his son Sean, who is 18 months into his two-year  mission in Mexico.  Called as a district leader, Sean is doing well in serving the Lord though he misses home and most especially home cooking.

Brother Dana Chong Tim, a member of the stake High Council, was the concluding speaker and reminded us about the importance of keeping our covenants.

Gospel Doctrine:   Lesson 32 -- which focused on the principles the 2,060 young warriors followed and [the] characteristics they developed in their youth. We paid particular attention to how these principles and qualities helped the young warriors receive strength from the Lord. We were challenged to apply these principles in our lives.

Elders Quorum:  John Hirokawa was ordained an Elder today in the quorum. Administering the ordination  was his dad, Roy Hirokawa, a high priest.  The lesson today was from Chapter 17: The Strengthening Power of Faith.   We discussed how we have been influenced by the faith of others, such as family members, other church members, or friends.  We also discussed how “faith is a gift of God” that “does not come to us by our command” and how this principle influences the way we try to increase our faith and inspires faith in others. We also discussed specific things we can do to “retain” the gift of faith.

Stake General Priesthood Meeting -- 8/26/12 Sunday, 7 p.m. at Keolu Hills Chapel.  All priesthood are asked to attend.

Hurrah for Israel!

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