Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012!

1st day of 2012. New time 1pm

Sac meeting:  Wally Wong conducting. Bishop Bert Oshiro presiding.
  • Wilfred Nakagawa passed away.  Brother Herman Kanahele told me that Brother Nakagawa was known for being a 100% home teacher. 
  • No handheld devices for seminary. Only hard copy scriptures are allowed, the HHD being distractions.
  • Youth speaker 1: Nakea Hanohano spoke about gratitude.  He told a story about how he broke his femur as youth but recovered well and is grateful for that. "Ungrateful people are less happy," said Nakea.
  • Youth speaker 2: Airi Sellers: D&C 115:5--youth theme for 2012. Be the light/example for others. She explained that it is hard to be a good example when others are not doing the same. She talked about day family was sealed and how she strived to be a good example.
  • Adult speaker 1: Ammon Baldomero, a star running back for Iolani High and who just finished a season at Southern Virginia University,  is going on a mission to Spain. How is he preparing? By reading scriptures and praying sincerely. Counseled to read James Talmage's The Great Apostasy.

Ammon Baldomero
  • Adult speaker 2: Ammon's brother, Jarom Baldomero, who has just returned from a mission to Argentina. He talked about resolutions:/goals and quoted 2 nephi 31: press forward with a perfect brightness of hope.  A star linebacker in high school, also for Iolani, he played a season at Sacramento State. He was less active in the church at the time but his coach invited him to church and activities. His coach fasted and prayed and suggested he go on a mission. He did.
Jarom Baldomero
  • He told story of working with a poor family on his mission. The father of that family had faith and attended church with the possibility that he would lose his job.

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