Sunday, December 18, 2011

Church today -- 12/18/11

Sacrament Meeting
  • The Sacrament.
  • Youth speakersLele Stanley spoke about writing a poem for her high school English class and being recognized by her teacher for the virtuousness of the poem.  She challenged us to be more virtuous. Cameron Tani-Kiyokane, substituting for his cousin Darin Shichida, spoke with gratitude about just completing Youth Challenge.
  • Adult speakers: Kala Friel, just returned from a two-year mission to Georgia, spoke (with a very evident Southern accent) about moving forward the work in the South.  "There is no substitute for work," he said.  Nate Kia, high council speaker, also addressed us, and spoke about overcoming the natural man, "an enemy to God" (Mosiah 3:7).
Sunday School
  • Last lesson of 2011.  It was about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the Millenium.  Lesson notes.  In 2012, we will be studying the Book of Mormon.
Priesthood/Elders Quorum

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