Sunday, December 11, 2011

Church today 12/11/11

Church 12/11/11 Highlights
  • The Sacrament.
  • Puna Tani talked about Christmas devotional, specifically Elder Uchtdorf's talk about how Christmas can't be ruined (as a boy, Elder Uchtdorf accidentally set a curtain afire in his home at Christmas time, of which he thought he had ruined).
  • Joe Ahuna and sons Joseph Jr and David sang "Hark All Ye Nations" in Maori.  Wonderfully sung.
  • Kaeo Everett, from Kaneohe 2nd ward, spoke. He is just back from  a mission in New Zealand. 
Sunday school--Teacher Joe Ahuna
--He that overcometh shall inherit all things
--Video of Mary
Angel appeared to her
For with God nothing is impossible.
Revelations. Written by John the beloved.
Message of revelation
Good will triumph over evil
Victory achieved thru Christ
Rev 3:20 knock he will sup with us
Rev 21:7 he that overcome shall inherit all things
3:14-22 being Luke warm

Wally Wong conducts priesthood session.

Brethren @ Priesthood

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