Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kaneohe 1st Ward--2/24/13 Church Today

Sacrament Meeting

  • Presiding:  Bishop Bert Oshiro
  • Conducting: Brother Robert Carlile (Bishopric, 1st Counselor)
  • Opening hymn:  #239 "Choose the Right" (chorister Van Wai Sr, organist Isabella Lesa)
  • Invocation: Brother Roy Hirokawa
  • Ward business:  Released: Mary and Isaac Miyashiro (Emergency Preparedness Leaders), Taunalei Wolfgramm (Relief Society Instructor).  New callings (sustained):Mary Miyashiro (Relief Society Instructor), Bobbie Le'i (Asst. House Librarian & Emergency Preparedness Leader)
  • Sacrament administration by Priesthood
  • Youth Speakers:
    • Deanne Yugawa, a senior at Iolani School, talked about her bout with "senioritis" and how she took an exam at school whereby she relied upon faith and had less than satisfactory results.  Her point:  faith without works is dead (James 2:20)
    • Nephi Hikila, the first member of the Hikila family to introduce himself to the ward, spoke about his love of primary classes at church.
    • Asaeli "Sae" Hikila, brother of Nephi,
    • Mahina Hikila, sister of Nephi and Sae, spoke about her affection for Yu-Gi-Oh and the many good friends she has made in the church.
  • Adult Speakers
    • Isi Hikila
      Sister Kehau Hikila, mom of Nephi, Sae, and Mahina, spoke about growing up in a home where her parents taught her to love people, having friends who were members of the church, taking the gospel lessons from missionaries, meeting her husband Isi, being baptized, marrying Isi, and living the gospel with her family.
    • Brother Isi Hikila, dad of Nephi, Sae, and Mahina and husband of Kehau, talked about the application of principles set forth in The Family: A Proclamation to the World with his family. Describing himself as "an analyzer, Brother Hikila told stories of two times he followed directions to complete tasks and likened the Book of Mormon to a set of instructions we can follow to help us complete tasks in our lives.
  • Closing Hymn: #237 "Do What is Right"
  • Benediction: Brother Dana Chong Tim

Sunday School

Elders Quorum

  • The lesson in the quorum today was presented by Brother Ka'ano'i Walk and was based on Elder David Bednar's talk "Converted unto the Lord" from the Oct. 2012 General Conference. We discussed the meaning of testimony (i.e. knowledge of the truth) and conversion (i.e. actions that lead to change to be Christ-like)--see Alma 23-6-8.   We also discussed the Parable of the Ten Virgins and how the parable pertains to testimony and conversion.  Quoting Elder Bednar: "As the wise virgins emphasized properly, each of us must “buy for ourselves.” These inspired women were not describing a business transaction; rather, they were emphasizing our individual responsibility to keep our lamp of testimony burning and to obtain an ample supply of the oil of conversion. This precious oil is acquired one drop at a time—“line upon line [and] precept upon precept” (2 Nephi 28:30), patiently and persistently. No shortcut is available; no last-minute flurry of preparation is possible."
  • Announcements/quorum business:
    • The laulau fundraiser was a success.  Mahalo to all quorum members who assisted with their time, talents, and contributions.
    • Personal Priesthood Interviews (PPIs) will be conducted by President Turner for all quorum members from noon to 12:30 p.m. on Sunday.  Elders will be contacted for interview date & time. 
    • Home teaching.  District Leaders (Turner, Sellers, Tamashiro) will be contacting home teachers for reports on home teaching assignments for February .  Goal is 100%
    • Quorum members are asked to participate in team-ups with full-time missionaries on Wednesday evenings from 7pm to 830pm.  Sign up sheet was circulated.
    • Quorum members are asked to offer prayers at Sacrament meetings in March. Sign up sheet was circulated
    • Adopt-a-highway service project.  3/9 Saturday.  Meet at 8a.m. at Kaneohe Burger parking lot.
    • Stake General Priesthood Meeting.  3/9 Saturday.  6:30 p.m. at Keolu Hills Chapel.  All priesthood holders in the stake are asked to attend.

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