Sunday, October 23, 2011

Church today -- 10/23/11

Sacrament meeting:
  • Ward business:  Brother John Teves called and sustained as a Sunday School Teacher.  Brother Joshua Steffen called and sustained as the Duty to God coordinator for the Young Men's program.
  • Stake business: Irving Chun released from the Stake High Council (Brother Chun was called as Bishop of Kaneohe 4th Ward). John Aki called/sustained to Stake High Council.
  • Sacrament program: Featured in the program were the primary children. It was amazing how many of the children were able to share their messages with have to read a prepared script.  For insight about specifics of the program, check out the links here and here.
Elders quorum:
  • EQ activityFamily sunrise hike to Makapuu Lighthouse.  10/29 Saturday.  Meet @ 5am along Kalanianaole Hwy by the Makapuu Lookout.   Invite neighbors and friends!  Doughnuts and milk will be served after the hike.
  • ServiceAdopt-a-highway:  11/12 Saturday.  Meet @ 7:30 a.m. @ Kaneohe Burger King.  Instructions and assignments will be given there.
  • Home teaching:  Remember to visit your assigned families. We are responsible for reporting about visits by month's end.  You can report to your district leader or via the online home teaching report.
  • EQ lesson:  Brother Bill Sellers taught us today, using H. Melvin Ballard's talk about service as the foundation.  Key points of the lesson: 
    • “By small and simple things are great things brought to pass. …And by very small means the Lord … bringeth about the salvation of many souls” (Alma 37:6–7).  [Acts of service need not be "big" ones].
    • Serve @ home. Charity begins at home.
    • Serve @ church.  Kindness, encouragement, sensitivity, unity should be our touchstones.
    • Serve in our community.  Said Elder Ballard:  "Through our heartfelt kindness and service, we can make friends with those whom we serve. From these friendships come better understanding of our devotion to the gospel and a desire to learn more about us."
  • Quorum Challenge: Do a random act of kindness every day in the coming week.  For some ideas and inspiration, check this site.
God Bless, Brethren!

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