Sunday, November 13, 2011

Elders Quorum News 11/13/11

Today in the Quorum:

Brother Joshua Steffen announced that he and his wife Nola are looking to adopt a child.  To find out more about their quest and to help, visit a site they established.


Mahalo to all who helped with the Adopt-a-Highway service project.  We will revisit our adopted highway for more service on the first Saturday of 2012 (Jan 7).  Mark your calendars.


We had a long discussion of home teaching, including some sharing by brethren of "what-I've-done-for-home-teaching".  Good discussion.  Let's go out and love our families.  For inspiration, watch this video: Home Teaching: A Work of Love from the church.

Today's lesson was on Signs of the Second Coming; the ones we discussed included [1] wickedness, war, and turmoil, [2] the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, [3] the coming forth of the Book of Mormon, [4] the gospel being preached to all the world, [4] the coming of Elijah, and [5] Lehi's descendants becoming a great people.   Key point of the lesson:  "The Lord gives these signs to help us. We can put our lives in order and prepare ourselves and our families for those things yet to come."  Brethen, let's be prepared.

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