Sunday, July 31, 2011

Redeem the Dead

Some ideas/initiatives for Redeem the Dead (RTD) Committee
  • Temple Babysitting - The idea is that when temple trips are planned, we have babysitting available so that couples can drop their kids off and attend an endowment session.  Suggested is that the couples that use this program also serve as the volunteers for the babysitting (on a rotational basis).
  • Bus/Carpool - Organize transportation to the temple.  Announced in the quorum meeting and try to encourage Elders to participate.
  • Temple Recommends - The chair of the RTD committee should request from the ward clerk a list of temple-recommend holders in the quorum and report any findings to the EQ presidency (e.g. endowed members without recommends, or whose recommends have expired).
  • Teach Lessons - The chair or someone from the committee may be asked to teach 1-2 lessons/year in Elders quorum meeting (a 1st Sunday) dealing with temple attendance and/or family history.
  • Promote Temple Attendance - This can include knowing about all the different resources available in the ward ( e.g. family history specialists, temple activities, etc), making announcements in the quorum, encouraging members to attend the temple, setting an example in the quorum.
  • Resource -  Serve as a resource in the quorum for all things temple related.  For example, members of the committee (or designated members) should familiarize themselves with the new site and be able to show people how to use it.   Know who our family history consultants are in the ward.
  • Indexing - Using, anyone who wants to help preserve this valuable family information can easily extract it from historical records and provide free searchable indexes. All of this can be done from the convenience of our own homes.

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