Sunday, August 14, 2011

Elders Quroum Today -- 8/14/11

Aloha Brethren:

A good day at church.  One of the sacrament meeting speakers was Michael Ahuna, just back from his mission to Siberia.  In a week, Michael and his brother James (the newest member of our quorum) will be heading off to BYU in Provo.  Michael  shared about how cold it was in Siberia (40 below at times), how large an area it was he had to serve in (one transfer he made required a 3-day train ride!), and how no-nonsense the Siberian people were.  Michael emphasized how important it is to keep the commandments.

In Elder's Quorum today, we discussed the upcoming flood.  We will have about 80 households to visit and the more participation we get, the further our reach can be. 

Kanoa taught the lesson today.  It was about eternal marriage (Chap 38 from Gospel Principles).  It was a good lesson, with "eternal perspective" being mentioned a lot.

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